Big Daddy Unlimited Endorses Congresswoman Kat Cammack

Press release from Big Daddy Unlimited

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – As reported by the Alachua Chronicle, Tony and Sherrie McKnight, co-founders of Big Daddy Unlimited, were chosen by Kat Cammack, incumbent for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, to serve on her Second Amendment Coalition involved in her re-election bid. Cammack has placed the Second Amendment at the forefront of her work in Congress, which is why it is unsurprising that this coalition represents the first of many for this election cycle.

The McKnights want to share their gratitude for being included on such an important committee. “It is one thing to sell firearms and being a gun retailer. It is a whole different idea to be involved in the Second Amendment movement and an activist for the protection of our rights. Sherrie and I have always chosen mission over money, so we thank Kat for including us,” Tony shared.

Cammack has worked with Big Daddy Unlimited to learn more about the firearms industry and to effectively defend the Second Amendment and educate her colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

With the mission to educate, motivate, and activate Americans about the Second Amendment, last Tuesday, Cammack joined the Big Daddy Unlimited team at the range to participate in a private training.

That day, Cammack exercised her rights to the fullest degree, shooting a standard Zastava ZPAP M70 AK-style 7.62×39 rifle, a custom Smith & Wesson M&P15 AR-style 5.56 rifle, a standard PSA AR 5.56 pistol, a custom Davinci/Andro hybrid AR-style 9mm competition PCC, a custom TCI Performance Center .22LR race rifle, a custom Smith & Wesson Performance Center Victory .22LR race pistol, a standard Sig 365 9mm carry pistol, and a standard Glock 48 9mm carry pistol.

Sherrie also joined the team at the range and commented, “One thing is certain, you do not want to mess with Kat! She was a natural, an amazing shot, and she’s a force to be reckoned with!! Firearms are the great equalizer for women, especially for someone as high-profile as our Constitutional Conservative, Kat Cammack.”

Big Daddy Unlimited is grateful for the opportunity to educate a member of Congress about the intricacies of firearms and the bearing they have on the Second Amendment.

Additionally, we extend the invitation to any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, to come to Big Daddy Unlimited, exercise their rights, and learn about the liberties they are sworn to protect.

  • I’m for the 2nd Amendment & the right to bear arms but this article sounds like an advertisement for Big Daddy’s and not Kat….I see that it’s a press release from Big Daddy’s…I don’t feel this press release was a good idea to advertise their on-line gun biz. If I was Kat, I don’t know if I
    would have approved this press release.

  • Big Daddy Unlimited is a great company and the people and building are amazing!

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