Charges upgraded in American Legion shooting


According to a release from the office of Brian Kramer, State Attorney for the Eighth Judicial Circuit, charges have been upgraded in the American Legion shooting case after the death of 12-year-old Christopher Scott and serious injuries to four juvenile victims. Four juveniles were arrested, and three were identified as suspects who were actively engaged in shooting firearms. All three suspects are being charged as adults, and bail will be set when they are transferred to the Alachua County Jail.

The charging document lists 11 charges for the 3 suspects. 16-year-old Christian Theotis Jones is charged with second degree murder for killing Scott without premeditation; attempted second degree murder for shooting Jarquez Mitchell; carrying a concealed firearm; and tampering with evidence (a handgun).

17-year-old Javari Doven Baptiste is charged with attempted second degree murder for shooting Jarquez Mitchell; possession of a firearm by a delinquent who has been found in the courts to have committed a delinquent act that would be a felony if committed by an adult; tampering with physical evidence (a handgun); and resisting an officer without violence for running away and/or failing to follow a lawful command.

17-year-old Jarquez Kerreim Mitchell is charged with attempted second degree murder for shooting Christopher Jones; carrying a concealed firearm; and tampering with evidence (a handgun).

Editor’s note: The release from the State Attorney’s Office lists Javari Doven Baptiste with last names of both Brown and Baptiste, and different sections list his age as 15 and 17. We are waiting for clarification on these issues.

Updated at 5:42 p.m. after updated release from State Attorney’s Office verified that Javari Doven Baptiste’s age is 17 and last name is Baptiste.

  • Where’s all the liberal leadership? Shouldn’t they be speaking out about black on black crime? Where’s nasty Ms. J? Shouldn’t she be speaking out about ending the violence instead of throwing gasoline on smoldering embers that are slowly, but steadily going out? Where are those people who claim to be woke?

    One thing is definite, the prayers some have given for the survivors, the families and those affected by this despicable act is more than they have received from the aforementioned individuals.

    That’s right, just like when this horrendous violent act was committed – they’re still sleeping.

    • Other than blaming woke liberals, what is your solution for this problem?

      • I’m being more constructive than the so-called leaders in Alachua county. I simply point out what you have illustrated…the hypocrisy.

        You are obviously one of those still sleeping. Feel free to chime in when those you “bow to” acknowledge the problem instead of hiding behind something. You too as far as that goes.

    • I suggest you do a tad bit no maybe A LOT more research before spreading misinformation. One “black on black crime” isn’t a thing it’s called proximity crime, look it up. Second there has been meetings held by other black leaders in the Gainesville area to help resolve the gun violence in Gainesville I suggest you look into it.

      • Misinformation? What imaginary world do you live in? Either that or you, like many liberals, just live in a state of denial. If my memory serves me correctly, since last December there have been 4 shootings in Alachua County so obviously it’s not a “one” black on black crime that you are attempting to conceal. Since you’re probably still scratching your head, how many shootings occurred in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend? I’ll help you with that one…108.

        While you’re searching for answers, please enlighten the readers here about how 2 teenagers, steal a car, drive across the city, shoot people, drive back across the city…how is that a “proximity” crime? They were neither close in distance or time. It was a malicious crime against other teens.

        I’m guessing since leaders have had meetings to address the violence those voices have either fallen on deaf ears or the individuals are just ignoring pleas from the community. What could be the cause of that? Lack of respect and discipline. It starts at home.

    • Why y’all always saying black on black crime? I never hear y’all speak on the white on white crime that happens everyday just as well. Is it to make it a topic to justify when y’all shoot or lynch us ?

      • Who’s shooting or lynching you? Instead of putting it on this forum maybe you report it to the authorities.

        There was a shooting recently near Newberry Rd, Ft Clarke Blvd I think. I made a comment that the wrong person died. Murder was successful but the suicide was a failure. Black on black crime is committed more frequently…try turning on the local propaganda station and you’ll see it.

  • First time on here and it may be my last, but for whatever issues that have been discussed on here prior to this situation, seems as though it need the same remedy, PRAYER & THE WILLINGNESS OF EVERYONE WORKING TOGETHER TO COME UP WITH A SOLUTION INSTEAD OF “MUDSLINGING”. Whether you’re awoke or sleep, liberal or not, skinny or fat, short or tall, we should NEVER destroy another human being with cold callous words. I don’t care who you are. Too much energy is being put forth in hating, being wicked and slanderous. We all need to focus on being a better person so it’ll help others to become what they see. If our younger generation always see people hurting, hating and demeaning others, what impression have we given them? Will the cycle ever break? Can it be broken? Yes it can, if the change begin with us, the individual. I will continuously pray until the results are achieved. Blessings on you all ❤️🥰.

    • these kids are out of control…stealing guns and
      Shooting each other…you are saying that “they are
      The victims and not the crime”? What more can we
      Do beside believe in god & prayer? Don’t say take
      Away our right to defend ourselves because that comes
      From god. Is it poor or no parenting? A criminal justice system
      That’s not tough enough on juveniles? You want to
      Let people off for misdemeanors? Let’s hear all your solutions because petitioning the lord with prayer
      May take a long time and we don’t need anymore
      Of this stupid gang behavior destroying any more
      Lives and family…

    • Personally, I would not “spare the rod and spoil the child” if my kid had a gun and was shooting at other kids. There would be no hugs, prayers, magical feelings of togetherness, etc. Just very severe punishment.

      • That’s right…they need to bring back corporal punishment in school and have to recite the pledge of allegiance if they are in taxpayer funded public school…otherwise, the parents need to pay for private school…it’s the parents job to teach their children anyway…the BS
        You hear about “it takes a village to raise a child” is
        For communist countries… your kids are your personal responsibility…don’t breed em if you can’t educate and feed em…i

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