City workers protest vaccine mandate

Photos courtesy of Tayari Appiah


Hundreds of City of Gainesville workers, including utility workers, firefighters, and police officers, gathered outside City Hall today to protest the City’s decision to mandate vaccines for City employees. Employees are required to get at least the first dose by September 14.

  • Good on ya peeps, that’s a good start. Next step, blue-flu and brownouts, give’em hell!!

  • Walk out now, let Feldman and his cronies run the daily operations of GPD, GFR, GRU and Public Works. What a bunch of morons running the city, as usual!

  • Best thing about the showing…those people actually have a job and aren’t jumping on the PC thing of the week.

    They aren’t a bunch of people who don’t have a dog in the hunt. Not of bunch of people whose parents pay their bills. Not a bunch of people who heard about something happening in Portland.

    Real people, working real jobs to make a living for themselves and their families.

    Kudos to them!

  • I’m guessing your photographer didn’t get a picture of Commissioner Sacco giving the middle finger to the group of people that she represents whom are concerned for their livelihoods?

  • There are approxitmately 300 city employees who will be able to retire with a lifetime income as of 10/01/2021. If all 300 were to retire instead of getting vaccinated, the retirement fund will be hit VERY HARD! There will be 300 less contributions being made and 300 new monthly payments being sent.

    That doesn’t even address the reduction of “Community Builders” that will no longer be working to keep lights on and toilets flushing, the sick and injured looked after, and the city streets safe.

    No thought given to the operational needs of the city, only virtue signaling……..

    We need every concerned person in Alachua Co to join our fight!!

    • Will the City Employees receive a VIP Exemption from the Experimental Injection Vaxxines and then go on the clock to earn money while forcing the General Public to take the Experimental Injection Vaxxines?

  • Great to see mass resistance. A greater mass is needed. Anyone against tyrannical government mandates should join these fellow citizens. You are likely, next.

  • Just take a Saline Shot like all the Governmental Cool Kids are doing. Pull some strings. You’re Essential. You’re better than the General Public. You deserve special privileges. Never forget that once you get a VIP Exemption then your job might be to hunt down the General Public and inject them with the potentially-lethal Experimental Gene Therapy that you managed to sidestep with your special status.

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