December 26 traffic fatality connected to large late-night gathering


An email from Gainesville Police Chief Tony Jones to Interim City Manager Cynthia Curry, obtained from the City’s email portal, describes the events that led up to a fatal accident in the early hours of December 26.

According to the email, a crowd had gathered earlier in the evening at Dee’s Liquor on SE 13th Street and at “other locations.” The group attempted to move to T.B. McPherson Park and Lincoln Park, but “their attempts were unsuccessful.” They then made their way to Lot 13, at 106 SW 1st Avenue in downtown Gainesville

According to Jones, the crowd was “unmasked” and “played loud music, smoked cannabis and drank” in the parking lot. Officers were able to resolve some noise complaints, but the crowd remained in Lot 13 for some time.

Jones added, “There were no overtime units for the night and the crowd required several patrol units for monitoring and deterrence.”

At about 2:00 a.m., the crowd moved to the Wawa located at 2305 NW 13th Street, and the fatal accident occurred at 2:50 a.m. as the man drove out of the Wawa parking lot, the car struck the curb/median, and he was fatally injured when the car rolled over.

Multiple sources who do not want to go on the record have reported to Alachua Chronicle that this type of “moving party” is a frequent occurrence on the weekends in Gainesville.

Gainesville Police Department spokesman Graham Glover said the department had no additional comments.

  • How’s that “defund” the police working for you?

    Why is it referred to as a “moving party?” Is it the same as the “moving liberals” changing the political landscape they infest after having devoured their prior environments much like a swarm of locusts? Just curious.

    Of special note, the crowd was participating in activities that are all deemed “legal” by the City of Gainesville, (with the exception of not wearing masks). Since some have noted it happens quite often on weekends, perhaps current law enforcement leadership is incapable of efficiently utilizing resources to protect the community and it’s citizens. Seems to me all that’s needed is to reassign a patrol shift to a time that requires more observation and management.

  • It would be pretty easy to block off the entrances to the parking lot whenever a horde of bass-blasting cars shows up at a gas station at 2 or 3 in the morning. Then bring out the drug dogs and the Breathalyzer. I guess it’s easier for the ‘party patrol’ to harass college freshmen in their own homes.

    • They do block off the entrances once there are too many cars.. instead of using the noise ordinance and shut it down…These parties on the weekend go into wee hours of morning with most neighbors calling the police and nothing happens..Tony Jones needs to really direct some attention to this matter.. it’s out of control with people close trying to sleep

  • Chief Jones integrity needs to be questions. No masks? It was outside! And masks don’t work anyway! Geez.

  • Gainesville is just like other blue-run cities. Just on a smaller, college town scale. Same problems. It’s been very sad watching things devolve here, after living here almost 39 years…
    I spent about 5 years trying very hard to change things here, but we could only get so far. Trying to be optimistic, but, it looks kinda bleak. Hoping it’s just “darkest before the dawn…”

  • I didnt know that open liquor is permitted on the streets. ??? I understand that the police are understaffed and overwhelmed and their hands are “” tied” in many situation and not backed up by the ” system” but if people really want police protection from situations like this then THEY BETTER START REFUNDING AND SUPPORTING THE POLICE.!!! People have no respect for the LAW and this damm administration and left wing Idiots are to blame for the NO RESPECT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT!. Until people are held accountable its just going to get worse. and if these parties are happening often then they need to SHUT THEM DOWN! PERIOD END BRING IN THE DOGS AND LOCK THEM UP once the word gets out it will stop! but till people are held accountable he will not stop!

  • FTJ!!!!!!!! GPD neds a new chief and command staff. They could care less about the safety of the citizens. Mofre concerned about the money they line theor pockets with. POS! FJB too!

  • Tony Jones won’t do anything because it’s a black moving
    Party…didn’t he attend a concert by a rapper and
    There was a shooting and illegal alcohol? Commie Gail Johnson was at that rap event too…was it at a hookah lounge?

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