Diyonne McGraw files to run for school board again


Diyonne McGraw, who won her election for School Board District 2 in 2020 and was later removed by Governor DeSantis, has filed to run again in District 2.

McGraw’s home is in a small area that is surrounded by District 2, but it was actually in District 4, and it seems that nobody caught that between her filing and the election. However, the school board has adopted a proposed new map for 2022 that hasn’t been finalized but will likely place McGraw’s address solidly in District 2.

The school board member appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to fill the vacant seat, Mildred Russell, has also filed to run again.

The deadline to file is June 17, so there is plenty of time for additional candidates to join the various races, but here are the candidates who have filed to run for school board as of today:

District 1: Tina Certain, Daniel Fisher

District 2: Diyonne McGraw, Mildred Russell

District 3: Ray Holt, Sarah Rockwell

District 5: Kay Abbitt, Wendy Noon

  • She’s too dumb to be on the school board. That should be obvious to everyone by now. But I guess some people want to bring back Dr. Carlee Simon and keep the fear and lockdowns going.

  • Unless and until the new district map is approved and made effective, McGraw is not eligible in that district. The Supervisor of Elections should not allow her name to be placed on the ballot and not accept in write ins for a person who is not eligible. To do so would be official misconduct, malfeasance.

  • Seeing as how she is seeking to be the representative of an organization whose purpose is to provide the best education for our children, let’s hope that she has learned some character.

    I’ve yet to see a leopard who could change it’s spots.

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