Downtown shooting reported Friday night


Sources have reported that one person was transported to the hospital early Saturday morning with a gunshot wound. The shooting happened near the intersection of University Avenue and Main Street and may have been connected with a party held at an event venue there.

More information on the shooting can be found here.

  • Wonder who’s behind this. Another Dem run city that’s having shootings all the time.

  • Gosh, I wonder if it was a hip hop or rap themed party and/or venue? Next that’ll happen at Depot Park and the gunshots will be heard in Kirkwood… thank you Open Container code.

  • It doesn’t say…the shootings in GNV are usually black on black crime…what event venue was it associated with?

    • I’m embarrassed to be white after reading these comments. White people shoot people also. As a matter of fact more white people are the cause of most of our mass shootings including school shootings. White people are also 90% of the serial killers.

      • Don’t be embarrassed…we have a problem in the community…you have any solutions beside putting
        Your head in the sand?

      • Arena…You must have been or are being indoctrinated by liberal leadership. You should feel sorry for the people making racist comments or feel embarrassed for them but not embarrassed if you are indeed white. If you’re not white, you shouldn’t be embarrassed for whatever color you are just the actions of some in society.

        • Are violent video games, drugs, gangs, & no nuclear family the problem? Is it the legalization of medical
          Marijuana making the youth dopey and not get an
          Education by skipping school? I know the brother of
          The twin that got shot & killed a few blocks away a few
          Months ago…the guy just got out of prison, knocked
          Up a couple girls, was living the thug life, & got killed
          By his homies…

          • What does medical have to do with it. Most of the patients are over 21 so that kills your theory of skipping school on medical. If your blaming marijuana on the youth then they are getting it the old fashion way on the streets. You have to be a weak person to “Let” marijuana take over your life and it sure does not make you knock up a couple of girls and live the thug life. Sherman you’re being stupid dude. This is not Reefer Madness!

      • Arena, you sound like a black racist talking shizzle
        About White people…you took the comment about
        Black on black crime personally. The problem recently has been black youths shooting each other
        Up & killing each other like that party at was it the
        Veterans hall? Why are these kids shooting each other? Drugs? Gangs? Street cred??

  • Black on black, white on white, yellow on yellow… Don’t care anymore. It’s getting too close to home when it’s occurring in the neighborhood you live, work and have dinner. That seems to be the case in most liberal controlled communities. Guess it’s okay with our leaders since it’s not happening in their front yards…yet.

    They really don’t care about you, just your vote come election time. Remember that next time they offer you the key for your shackles.

  • These types of comments from Americans about Americans are the very reason they we stay so DEVIDED. RACIST THOUGHTS FEED ANY RACISM IN US.

  • Why are you all wasting time arguing. We have16,17, 18 yr. olds carrying guns. If they were your kids you would say they are kids but when they become violent they are adults. We need to help these kids earlier in their educations. The parents of low income kids can hardly be involved enough with their own kids if they have to work two jobs! What can be more important than taking care of our future? We must come together to show these victims of this harsh society that there is a better way. What do the police do to keep guns from coming into our city? Seems like they just wait for them to go off before the acknowledge a problem. My heart goes out to the parents of both those shot and the shooter. If we arent pro-active, we are doomed

  • Why blame anyone as a people we should be tried no matter the color but what is the answer

  • Punks that’s all I gotta say punks.Whats that saying any fool can shot a gun but a real man will fight 1 on 1 w/ their hands

  • Crazy how many are indoctrinated by the right on here. I mean I guess it’s not crazy, it’s a conservative news site. Still so discouraging to see, anytime something bad happens in a republican area, it’s “a tragedy” “unfortunate” “sad” but when it happens in a progressive city (most big cities btw), it’s all because of the “dang liberals” ruining the city. Get a grip. Tragedies and crime happen everywhere. The more dense (and high) the population, the more crime. The more crime, the more violent crime. Bigger cities have higher, more dense populations and bigger cities are also often liberal/progressive. Correlation is not causation. But you have to THINK to see that, and that’s in short supply in these comments.

    • Even crazier are the people trolling the more conservative news sites. Instead of being told what to think perhaps you should think about what’s really occurring.

      The indoctrination works both ways as your comments have clearly illustrated. You did bring up a very true and valid point though. Most of the higher crime rates do occur in larger cities. Two points on that; 1. They may be “progressive” in politics but they are clearly “regressive” in dealing with the higher rates of criminal activities, and 2. Gainesville isn’t exactly a “big” city, yet we have recently seen an increase in big city crimes and an even greater amount of big city homelessness.

      Fairly safe to make the conclusion that both their “progressive” and “regressive” policies are failing the majority of it’s citizens – at least the permanent ones.

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