Duncan-Walker adds agenda item to Sept 16 meeting to discuss firing the City Manager

City Commissioners Desmon Duncan-Walker and Harvey Ward at the September 2 meeting


Following a week in which two City of Gainesville charter officers resigned and the mayor asked a third to resign, City Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker has added an agenda item to the City Commission’s September 16 meeting: “Termination of City Manager Contract.”

Duncan-Walker made a motion to terminate Feldman’s contract at the August 23 Special City Commission meeting, but the motion died for lack of a second. Feldman narrowly survived a November 24, 2020, meeting that was called to discuss a report that he had retaliated against an employee, only because Commissioner Reina Saco was prepared with a motion to require a “professional development program.” Commissioner Gail Johnson resigned on August 23, saying that she continues to “remain concerned about the retention of the City Manager.” Johnson’s resignation isn’t effective until September 30, so she will be able to vote at Monday’s meeting.

On top of the recent resignations of City Attorney Nicolle Shalley and City Clerk Omichele Gainey and the requested resignation of GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski, the Director of Equity and Inclusion Teneeshia Marshall resigned in early May. It appears that the only charter officer who is currently secure in her job is City Auditor Ginger Bigbie.

  • Eating their own. Should just line ’em up and have a good old fashioned duel.

    That would be worth the price of admission. I’ll bet Johnson reneges on her resignation if he’s fired.

    While these idiots stay in charge, keep on believing…

    • realtruth2020 with fun 2021 prediction: “I’ll bet Johnson reneges on her resignation if he’s fired”.

  • “the only charter officer who is currently secure in her job is City Auditor Ginger Bigbie”
    Wow! That sounds suspicious!
    What’s the status of that State Audit?

  • What exactly is this about? Are employees late to work or abusing family sick leave to stay home on Zoom? Maybe City Hall’s sick bldg. syndrome hasn’t been rectified yet…. appears contagious.

  • Dey want treat me wit da respect ima due, so’s ima quits. Respect is not given, It has to be earned.

  • My guess is the City Manager is whispering to his pals on the CC that if they get rid of Ed he can run GRU as a department as he tried before to make happen. Imagine, no public talk about a GFT transfer, it’s a piggy bank Lee would have access to without the public knowing.

    • This seems like an amazingly good tip. So precisely intricate. Thanks for info if accurate

  • Are they resigning because of the mandatory Vax thing?
    I heard rumor that’s why Omi Gainey is leaving…it seems
    Like things are falling apart & crumbling at city hall…
    They need to focus on the potholes and stop with
    The ridiculous commie fascist face mask mandate…they need to stay in their jurisdiction & focus on police, fire, parks, & roads. Don’t worry about zero waste &
    Climate change…their new landlord ordinance is
    Making once affordable housing unaffordable…the
    Unintended consequences of government intervention…

  • Why is an entire city commission made up of failures at everything, not a single successful person (except at present gov/state institution positions where it’s almost impossible to be fired)? Bankruptcies, business failures, hot air nothing careers? Career Source – bankruptcy and refusal to provide doc requested by the state investigators? Lying about his job teaching HS students? Business failure/ bankruptcy? Nothing law “career”? Illegal eviction and gun issues (despite declaring being against them)? Pot/DUI arrests, 2 members ?
    Why a horrible commission like this? Apathetic and dumb voters and failure of anyone who has actually accomplished something to pay their dues and run for office! Sign up to run, then vote these failures out of office!

      • November election to fill position being vacated by Gail Johnson’s departure October 1st! Only about 12% – 15% of eligible voters cast ballots in a city election, so winning only requires 7% – 8% of voter support!

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