Gainesville City Attorney and City Clerk resign


Both the City Attorney and City Clerk for the City of Gainesville have submitted their resignations. City Attorney Nicolle Shalley has a job offer from the Levy County Commission, and she sent an email to the city commissioners at 3:14 p.m. today, stating that her last day will be November 12. She said that her employment agreement requires her to give 2 months’ notice, and “I will do my part to make this transition as smooth as possible, including working with whomever you promptly appoint as Interim City Attorney, to ensure the functions of this Office carry on seamlessly and that the City continues to be well-served by this Office, as you have come to expect and as the City deserves.”

City Clerk Omichele Gainey sent a letter dated today, in which she offered to stay through the end of the calendar year, “Given the upcoming events within city operations.” Gainey requested an amended contract that would give her 20 weeks of severance. She said she hoped the amended contract could be placed on the agenda of the commission’s September 16 meeting. She did not state a reason for her resignation.

Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe said, “I regret to confirm that Nicolle Shalley and Omichele Gainey submitted letters of resignation today. Both have provided exemplarily [sic] service to the City Commission and to our neighbors, and while we are sad to bid them farewell, we wish them both the best in their future pursuits. We are grateful that both Omi and Nicolle have voiced their commitment to working closely with us over the next two months to ensure a smooth transition. We will soon begin the task of identifying an interim and plan for future recruitment.”

  • Johnson… Shalley… Gainey… And many GPD, GFR, GRU….
    Hmmmmm. Wonder what it will take for Gainesville VOTERS and their ridiculous city commission to get the message?

  • Fear of the poison needle Mandates is spreading. The CDC/FDA VAERS mortality and disability numbers are ghastly even if they only tell 10% of the full story. Run for your lives. Covid is a depopulation assault on humanity.

    • Very interesting Harold…Do you think Gainey is leaving
      Because of the jab mandate? There’s absolutely no way
      That I would take that clot shot. If that’s the reason, than
      She is a very brave courageous person. Respect!

    • Your 💯and it’s criminal! Now Poe is asking for the resignation of the GRU manager and we all know it’s only because he stood up to him!! We need to vote these natzi’s out!!

  • Let me see if I understand this. The City Clerk has resigned effective the end of the year. Then she wants the contract amended in September to give her 20 weeks of severance pay.

    Not a bad deal.

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