Firefighters find video evidence that Saco “flipped them off”


After the protest outside City Hall on August 19, a number of City workers who were there alleged that Gainesville City Commissioner Reina Saco “flipped them a bird,” but no proof of that emerged until today.

Firefighters have discovered surveillance video of the City Hall parking lot, time stamped 23 minutes before the City Commission meeting, showing that Saco did, in fact, extend her middle finger in their direction. The City workers are not shown on the video, but they were standing near the southwest corner of City Hall (near the bottom left of the video) at the time.

Saco later voted in favor of the mandate at the meeting.

    • LMAO imagine protesting that you should be able to do whatever you want with “your body” even if it means infecting others with a potentially deadly virus, but crying about someone choosing to flip you off. Her body, her choice right? If you’re worried about middle fingers, just keep yours down?

      • Someone who is healthy & negative for the virus is infecting “others with a potentially deadly virus”? Explain yourself….how is that possible?—- I’m getting really good! …I can make a liberal commie go berserker by
        Just saying one word now! Yeeehaw boys!!! I got me a
        Marlin!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz! Yeehaw!! People are waking
        Up to the “big lie”…sh#t is falling apart at city hall…
        Gail Johnson resigned and we need a special election for that…let’s recall all the commies in office
        That ruined our city & GRU and get things back on
        Track. Poe needs to resign! —-I like the cooler weather
        Coming up…that may be a good time for that GNV Freedomfest thing that was whispered…

      • No one said she couldn’t do it. But like those that don’t want to get the vax, she is not immune to the consequences of her actions.

    • Just the people she claims to represent…

      Like most liberal hypocrites, she says one thing but her actions show otherwise.

        • Any other city employee would be but she’s a liberal city commissioner…the rules don’t apply to THEIR kind.

          Yet people still believe…

    • And why do you care that there are healthy people
      Who don’t want to take the Covidian cult jab?… Is it because you’re a jealous hateful sick control freak?
      …Are you saying Saco needs a forced medical procedure to remove
      Her bird finger like how unvaccinated need the forced shot?
      I know why they say liberalism is a mental disorder
      Now… yeehaw!!! I got me a Marlin!! Zzzzzzzz. Yeehaw!

      • She needs a procedure alright…the same one Harvey, Lauren, Adrian and David need.

    • These folks have all been exposed. Does anyone else remember in the middle of the pandemic they wanted to make it legal for girls as young as 12 to go topless? What an awful crop of so-called leaders. Recall the four-block fiasco of Ward-Poe-Hayes-Saco and restore dignity, maturity and respect to the city! Stop the made up campaigns of anti-semeticsm and Cuba-hating – literally no one is buying it.

  • Think she’ll issue an apology for that? NOPE!

    She only apologizes for being white to win the liberal votes she needs to stay in office.

    I can see them conveniently getting sick if her house catches fire.

    That’s right – keep believing…idiots.

    • As a Gainesville firefighter, we will always respond to an emergency, no matter how disrespectful that homeowner is to us. To believe otherwise is an insult to the dedicated men and women of GFR.

      • Didn’t say you wouldn’t but if doctors and nurses, some, can refuse to treat an unvaccinated person…

        You never know, but if she reads this, maybe she’ll give a little more respect to the people who are there to answer ALL calls for help.

        Thanks for your dedication to public service. You obviously take it more more seriously than she does.

  • They just said on TV20 that she “recalls” someone shouting a racial name or word at her. Nicely played…

    • I seem to recall some elected official saying they are bound to a “higher standard.” I guess she didn’t get the memo or she justs finds it a little more difficult lifting herself from such a substandard position in moral and character values.

      Think the other commissioners will demand her attend “sensitivity training?” Doubt it.

    • Ok. Why is she so mad at firefighters that she must
      Flip a bird at them?…Is there that much hatred on the issue? Was it that she wants them to take the shot
      And They say it’s their personal decision?

  • They were supposed to get that first shot by 9/14…
    What’s the status on that?…that was yesterday…
    Did all that get called off? What’s happening to
    The unvaccinated??

    • Desantis said $5k fine for government entity who
      Mandates shot? Did Desantis order stop the city mandate?

    • The deadline for the first injection was pushed back to 10/1. A pending lawsuit in place (with over 200 Plaintiffs) will see results from an Emergency Temporary Injunction on 9/20.

      • You’d think that as a lawyer she’d be familiar with the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. She is a whack job. Very immature for public office.

  • once the Essential Workers get vaxx exemptions, will they then get paid to hunt the UnVaxxed?

    • Your lesson from the greatest story ever told, “The Bible”: The government and the mob wants
      To kill the unvaccinated like how they killed Jesus Christ.
      What do we learn from all of this? That government and
      The mob kill good people.

      • You are so right. I am as terrified of the Gainesville government hunting me down for not being vaccinated as I am terrified of first century Roman soldiers and Hebrew priests hunting me down and nailing me to an oak tree.

  • She is to represent all citizens including many fire fighters who live and work for GFR. Her blatant disrespect of them is atrocious. I cannot imagine her being re-elected.

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