Gainesville City Commission meeting canceled after “threats of violence”


Notice was sent out at 5:30 p.m. today that tomorrow’s Gainesville City Commission Regular Meeting has been canceled. Shelby Taylor, Director of Communications for the City of Gainesville, said, “The City Commission Meeting previously scheduled for Sept. 16 has been canceled and agenda items from that meeting will be scheduled for a future date. The emotionally charged events of the last several days have left tensions running high and has culminated in threats of violence against our elected officials. We take these threats seriously and the decision was made to cancel the meeting out of an abundance of caution.”

Gainesville Police Department spokesman Graham Glover said he was aware of two reports of threatening comments that were made on Facebook Live, but the threats were not criminal in nature.

This is a developing story.

  • More like Saco S*!!t is afraid to face the crowd now that her video of flipping off the firefighters is public. She probably made the “threats” to act the victim, when clearly she is the aggressor against the people she wants to rule.

  • The only real threat to this community is the assault from the democratic $ociali$ts currently occupying both city and county commissions.

    Problem is, you can’t convince the liberal knuckleheads to believe that…

  • When only 3% of the population votes, the leaders naturally serve only that narrow silo. Until the other 97% wake up — get *woke* for sure.

    • So true my friend. I wish I new of a way to get more like minded people to the poles. I have no problem putting in an effort towards that, but I just don’t know what it would take to move these people.

      • Wow..so they finally listen to the citizens…

        Maybe they would get threat if they where not so communist driven

  • Saco is wacko! She “flips off” firefighters. Monday 9/13 she accused citizens of being anti-semitic for speaking against $113,000 City Manager payoff! She can trash citizens but can’t handle them taking it personally & getting deeply offended / upset!

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