GPD asks public for help in identifying person in the area of last night’s double homicide


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department is asking the public for help in identifying a person who was in the area of last night’s double homicide.

The full video can be viewed here:

Anyone with information can contact GPD Detective Bernal at 352-393-7729 or bernalvl@cityofgainesville.org. You can remain anonymous by reporting tips to the Alachua County Crime Stoppers at www.stopcrime.tv.

At about 1:45 a.m., a 911 call was received from a person who said he had been shot; calls were also received from people who heard gunshots. The victim was transported to the hospital, and GPD responded to the 200 block of NW 3rd Avenue, where they tactically advanced to a residence. Officers found a male victim on the ground who had been shot in the head and killed. While conducting a safety sweep of the residence, they found a female victim inside who had also been shot in the head and killed.

After the residence was cleared, a perimeter was established, and a request was sent to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (ASO) for K-9 assistance, although one of the GPD K-9 teams was on duty at the time and was not deployed. The request was initially approved by an ASO shift commander, but the approval was overturned by members of the command staff; as we have written previously, an ASO spokesman told us the agency will not provide K-9 assistance to GPD except in an “exigent” situation. GPD conducted a grid search and deployed a drone but did not locate any suspects.

  • Might want to tell public if the video is nightvision, or not? Infrared cams make people look lighter skinned than in daylight.

  • This person is just wanted for questioning.
    If they’re involved in the shooting I’m sure they’ll also turn themselves in to do just that. Also confident the gun that was used will be one that will become part of the “gun buy back” program.

    I’m just as confident GRU will be giving reductions in rates for the next 12 months.
    I’ve got oceanfront property for sale in Nebraska too.

  • I’m sure if they offered just a $500 reward his peeps would have turned him in already

  • Let me see if I can get this straight. Trying to find an armed person suspected of a double homicide, in the dark, is NOT an “exigent” situation according to the ASO command staff? Perhaps they need retraining or better yet, replacement.

    • Maybe they just don’t quite understand the definition of “exigent.”
      I’ll help:
      exigent EK-suh-junt adjective. 1 : requiring immediate aid or action. 2 : requiring or calling for much : demanding.

      I guess is since the shooting had stopped there was no longer an “immediate” need for action.

    • Victims maybe known and targeted by the perp. Hopefully the survivor knows that answer.

      • It would be nice if the news media listed the names and ages of the deceased victims. People might have ideas or clues and come forward with information. The guy looks Hispanic to me. Was he at a club earlier? I’d be checking those videos.

          • I figured you were being lazy again and not publishing the info – JUST KIDDING!!! It is a nice-looking house that is rented out (you can see the landlord on the property appraiser’s site), probably to student or hipster types in that neighborhood. I don’t think this is another run-of-the-mill Gangsville black-on-black murder. Hopefully we don’t have cartels killing people here already, but that’s possible.

    • or afraid the K9 may harm the murder suspect and put them in the same boat as the GPD K9 units at the moment. don’t want to worry about injuring a suspect.

  • It’s terrible people lost their life. But…what kind of camera is that?? That’s great quality.

  • “although one of the GPD K-9 teams was on duty at the time and was not deployed.“ ASO didn’t help but what’s the explanation for this part too???

  • Looks like her boyfriend or ex boyfriend that’s on her Facebook page to me!! Both have a slu-foot!! And looks alike. And I think the family of all 3 have a law suit. In the video it seems to show the tag number of the car that’s parked!! I mean if that’s a one way street so I’m sure it’s cameras located on the traffic lights. Rewind them and see who travelled down that street during that time. I’m sure it’s not too many going up and down a one way at that time of morning.

  • So, police depts can’t even work together, even in the simplest of things such as utilizing a tracking animal to track down a killer… This frkn town AND county are run by some of the most dumbest people I’ve ever witnessed.

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