Juvenile charged as adult in Depot Park robbery


Jeremiah Raqui Ricks, 17, has been charged as an adult in connection with the December 3 Depot Park robbery of two women.

At about 11:45 p.m. on December 3, two women reported to Gainesville Police Department officers that while walking in the area of Depot Park (201 SE Depot Avenue), they were approached by two black males armed with handguns. The men ordered the victims to give them “all they [had],” and the victims handed over their cell phones, along with car keys that belonged to a third victim who was not present. The victims reported that the two young men fled on foot a short distance and met up with a third male who had been standing nearby. Then they said the three men located the SUV belonging to their friend and drove away in it.

An alert was issued for the SUV and the suspects, and the SUV was located on I-75 about 40 minutes later with the aid of the vehicle’s OnStar system. OnStar took control of the vehicle and slowed it to a stop near the southbound off-ramp at NW 39th Avenue. The driver, later identified as Tases J. Mills III, 20, and front passenger, now identified as Ricks, immediately left the vehicle and fled on foot. The rear passenger, later identified as Madrek Eugene Nobles, 19, stayed in the car. Mills was captured a short distance away with the help of a K-9. Ricks was also captured a short distance away. Two black pistols were found in the vehicle. It was also later determined that Mills and Ricks were allegedly the two who robbed the women near Depot Park; Nobles was allegedly the one who was waiting nearby.

All three have now been charged with two counts of robbery with a firearm, noted as a 10-20-Life offense for Nobles and Ricks because they had previous convictions that made it illegal for them to possess firearms. Ricks was charged with an additional count of possession of a firearm by a person under 24 years of age who was found to have committed a delinquent act that would be a felony if committed by an adult. Ricks has been moved to the Alachua County Jail and is being held on $575,000 bond.

  • Here’s another loser with a bright outlook. The taxpayers can look forward to paying for his room and board for probably most of his life.

  • His parent/s need to be charged as well. They had him as part of additional government payout per child. He’s a lost soul thank to his parent/s, and our welfare government.

    • Great idea, but The problem is probably no baby daddy in his life
      And you’re gonna arrest a mother of 5 kids with
      All different daddies…maybe should have to get a permit to
      Have a child now like Brandon’s vaccine passport.

  • What they should do is offer 1 year off their sentence for leading them to some of their cronies that are in possession of stolen weapons or are felons and have them. Rounding them up would be the best kind of gun control. Not the crap being proposed in massive numbers of legislative bills that would penalize law-abiding gun owners.

    • Sounds good, but then their gang member buddies would
      Off them for being snitches…

  • Finally a mention of 10,20, life!!!!
    The SAO must be reading some of the comments here
    And are gonna do their job properly now! Thank God!!
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

    • Yes. Good idea! The GNV parks division should
      Spend some money on those murals with a
      Big 10,20, life…use a gun and your done murals…
      It will be nationally award winning and help some
      Of these youths know the consequences of their
      Actions if they get caught with an illegal gun.
      With a big Zero tolerance in red.

      • Yeah, replace that ugly mural on NW 8th Ave with the black guy with the mask on and hands up with the White House in background and replace it with a
        “10,20, life zero tolerance, Use a gun and you’re done” mural!!!!

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