Juvenile charged as adult in October Green Apple shooting


O’rion Malike Davis, 17, has been charged as an adult in the October 12, 2021, shooting of a woman near the Green Apple Store. Montrell Cervonte Carter, 20, was arrested on October 26 in the same case.

On December 7, 2021, Davis was formally charged with possession of a firearm by a juvenile who has been convicted of an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult. He was moved to the Alachua County Jail on February 15 and remains there on a bond of $40,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Shouldn’t he call Rodney? You would have thought Rodney would have already filed his bond for free…at least a discount.

    I forgot, most Democrats are hypocrites.

    • Ha ha…the long commercial building is on Waldo road too…the guys’ bond is $40,000 so he can be out for $4000. This guy needs to be locked up for a long time.
      How’s the shooting victim doing? Did Rodney ever pay
      Back those loans? Rodney pitched Grace Marketplace as part of the “10 year plan to end homelessness”…
      How’d that work out? The unintended consequences of
      Government interaction: we have more criminal vagrants
      Than ever in Alachua County and we got panhandlers in
      The middle of the street medians being a public safety hazzard and setting up their camps on the sides of the roads
      Making our city look like trash. What’s wrong with the
      City & county commissions? …can’t they get the panhandlers out of the medians? How comes the bums
      Are setting up on the side of the roads instead of being
      Given a free ride to Grace Mkt or the Jailhouse? It’s a failure
      Of the interim city manager to take care of this. When
      Russ Blackburn was city manager, he got rid of the
      Panhandlers and the mountains of crap they were
      Piling up on the sidewalks. They need to round up
      All the vagrants and street median panhandlers and
      Bring them to jail, Grace Mkt, or buy them a ticket on
      The hound out of town…

  • This guy’s obviously a “bad apple.” We can only hope he fell far from the tree and he isn’t given the opportunity to spoil the rest of the bunch. Lock him up and don’t allow him to spread his seed.

    Speaking of Rodney… didn’t he used to support single-member districts? Now all of a sudden he’s against it. Just another democRAT showing their hypocrisy. “It was good when it was an idea by me but now a conservative wants it, we can’t have that.” Sounds like the same premise most federal democRATS had about the vaccine manufacture.

    • Talking about Rodney and the fruit not falling far from the
      Tree…remember “those are not my pants”? That was
      A headline and I believe it was his son who said that…
      I’m not sure, but I’m rarely wrong…

  • Sad evidence of the de-evolution of youth in legacy Voting Rights Act gerrymandered districts, which ruined schools too. Compare his life today to that of his older generations, before one-party Dem rule took things over. Sad tragedy and waste.

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