Mark McGraw II to be arraigned on concealed firearm charge

Mark McGraw II


Mark McGraw II, 25, son of former School Board Member Diyonne McGraw, is set to be arraigned on September 9 on a charge of carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. He is currently free on $5000 bond. The charge is a third-degree felony with a possible sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment if he is found guilty.

McGraw was arrested in April on charges of marijuana possession and carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, but the marijuana possession charge has been dropped.

The arrest was made after McGraw was pulled over for failing to stop at a stop sign. The officer wrote that he smelled marijuana from inside the vehicle, and 10.8 grams of marijuana were found in the car. A bag that McGraw was carrying across his chest contained a Glock 19 loaded with 14 rounds in the magazine and with a round chambered, “readily accessible” to McGraw. The gun was later found to be reported stolen in Tallahassee. McGraw has stated on Facebook that he graduated in April from Florida A&M, which is located in Tallahassee.

    • Why did they drop the marijuana charge? Did he
      Have a medical weed card? If he didn’t have the
      Medical card than the marijuana charge should still
      Be there..stolen gun? Is the SA office gonna drop
      The charge because he’s black and it’s an equity
      Thing? You know, drop the charges so he can
      “Sorta build back better”. Black kids in schools
      Shouldn’t have to wear masks either because it’s
      An equity thing….

      • C’mon man! The wearing of the masks is good practice for when
        They’re old enough to do “drive by’s” or rob 7-Elevens…

      • Well, we got a paradox here. If he had the weed card,
        Then he can’t lawfully have a gun in the car either. Did he receive the citation for running the stop sign or was that dropped? Why was the weed charge dropped?
        How was the gun stolen? and he needs to cooperate and say how he acquired it…

        • Are you saying he might have stolen the gun too and more charges may be coming?

  • As long as he didn’t know he lived in the wrong district, (sorry, that’s his mom’s argument).😉

    I meant to say, as long as he didn’t know the gun was stolen….

    Sounds like a great potential date night with either of King Poe’s princesses or Harvey “Two Face’s.”

    Keep on believing…

  • Odds are he will get a light sentence with the liberal judges around here. But remember that the Left is just up in arms about ‘gun violence’ and they always scratch their heads wondering why. Plain insanity, but this is one of the reasons why law-abiding citizens need guns. Because there are people that do not follow the law out there with stolen guns. Lock him up for the max.

    • That’s right. He should do a year in prison & 4 years
      Probation for this time. Next time, 10, 20, life.

      • Well, constitutionally, he has the right to bear arms and use them lawfully…just like we have freedom
        Of choice to not take the clot shot…good thing we
        Have unalienable rights, right? Or don’t we??

        • He was stopped for running a stop sign. If they don’t charge him with that then everything else is
          “Fruit of the poisonous tree”… let him walk in the
          Name of equity.

        • You are correct. Everyone has 2A rights. If poor people are not allowed to carry a stolen gun, then the government is trying to deny them the only 2A right they can afford. I am sure the NRA supports this.

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