Scriven released on his own recognizance after prosecutors fail to file charges


Patrick Scriven, 23, of Kansas, who was arrested for domestic abuse after he was found in Gainesville with a woman who had been reported missing in Ohio, has been released on his own recognizance after prosecutors failed to file charges by a deadline.

After Alachua Chronicle reported on the arrest, another alleged victim wrote in the comments that Scriven “drove me 20 mi away from my home and told me he was going to dispose of my body,” but she had been unable to get a restraining order in Marion County because he had moved to Ohio. A detective from Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio posted her phone number in response, asking the victim to call.

Scriven was arrested on January 4, and his attorney filed an unopposed motion to release him on his own recognizance because no charges had been filed within the statutory limit of 33 days. The motion was granted by Judge William Davis with a condition of no contact with the victim.

  • These cases rarely end well, many times when one slips through the cracks and gets off because of the judicial system failing to do what is required unfortunately victims tend to become victims again and in some cases it’s retaliation for the arrest and then they disappear for good. I do hope he doesn’t retaliate against these victims.

  • At least Google name search might do more to protect future victims than our own “law enforcement” lawyers and joke judges.

  • This is so awful. Dropping the ball can result in someone being murdered in cases like this. What’s going on here??? I hope he doesn’t kill this young woman, or another young woman….

  • How many times does this have to happen when some scumbag slips through the cracks and then goes on to hurt the first victim or someone else later on. I bet this isn’t the end of his criminal career and someone else will get hurt because of some lenient Judge. Too bad for the next victim.

  • Of course there’s immunity from error for the people responsible for his release! Pathetic law!
    If he retaliates against the victim then those who screwed up, including the judge, should be held liable.

  • Wow! The long arm of the law needs to purchase a watch with a calendar function.

  • they are not charging and they are not prosecuting crimes and releasing them
    Back into our community…they can’t even get the
    Panhandlers out of street medians…now we got piles
    Of unsightly vagrant junk in shopping carts on the
    Sides of the intersections where they are setting up
    Camp…law enforcement needs to get that cleaned up and those vagrants moved to
    Grace marketplace where they can get the help they

  • Trust he will find another victim because his pattern has been as such. We the community must share, must post on any and all social media sites to make people aware!!! This is what victims are afraid of no protection for them coming forth. Victims get ready to protect yourself but not to kill to disable so he’ll pay for his crime. Patrick Brennan Scriven dying would be to easy for his miserable ass.

  • ALACHUA Chronicle THANK YOU 🙏 for putting the community first!!! Notifying the Community of Patrick weak ass being released into our community or world for that matter.

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