SFPD looking for suspect in spray painting of patrol car


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Santa Fe College Police Department (SFPD) is seeking help from the public in identifying the suspect who spray-painted one of their patrol cars yesterday in front of Blount Hall (401 NW 6th Street) after being asked to leave the premises. The suspect fled the area on a black bicycle.


  • Black male
  • Short hair
  • Black shirt
  • Black basketball shorts
  • Black high-top shoes
  • Black backpack
  • Black mountain bike

If you can identify this suspect, please call SFPD’s non-emergency line at 352-395-5519.

  • Ok. I was wrong after seeing the above photo. The guy in the above photo is not the same person who was disgruntled about the removal of the bus stop. The guy who was disgruntled about the bus stop removal was a b/m, 60ish, with a red bike.
    What words did he spray paint on the car? That’s a pretty ballsy thing to do,
    Spray paint a patrol car in front of the college in broad daylight…they’ll catch him.

    • The city commission & the city manager needs to do something about the influx of vagrants in GNV. They can start by initiating zero tolerance on panhandlers in the medians…”give ‘em an inch, they’ll take a yard”…I had a bum set up on my front porch a few weeks ago 1 block from UF and I had
      To clean up the mess. I have a posted no trespassing sign and they don’t care. These A-holes are
      belligerent too…GNV needs to be not so welcoming with the criminals, bums, & drug addicts.
      Grace Mkt should offer 3 days help to someone & a bus ticket back to where they came from.

    • It doesn’t matter who did it. It’s wrong and illegal. If the 60ish man is disgruntled he should complain to the proper authority. Edifying destructive behavior only perpetuates criminal activity. I hope they catch this man and makes him pay for the damages.

  • Shouldn’t be hard to find just watch the bike path that goes right through that area it’s like the corridor of goodness.

    If you really want to find him go hang out around the food kitchen there. Or the parole department he looks like he has ink from several different eras behind bars.

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