Single-member district local bill scheduled for third committee stop


Representative Chuck Clemons’ (R-21) local bill placing a Single-Member District Charter Amendment on Alachua County’s November ballot is scheduled to be heard by the House State Affairs Committee during their 3:30 p.m. meeting on February 21. This will be the third committee stop in the session for CS/HR 1493

The bill, which would change Alachua County’s County Commission from five at-large commissioners to five commissioners who are elected only by residents from their districts, has already been approved unanimously by both the House Local Administration & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee and House Public Integrity & Elections Committee. The Alachua County Commission unanimously opposes the bill and sent representatives to the most recent committee meeting.

  • Little kinny is not for the single district plan. He will try to Educate the voters. Please turn out to vote . It is very important.

    • You mean “miseducate.”

      Some have said he’s a good accountant/real estate agent but for anyone who really understands him, he sucks at educating people.

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