Superintendent tells FLDOE that she has nothing to report


In response to Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran’s letter notifying Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Carlee Simon that she is required to file daily reports about disciplinary actions taken by the district against students who do not comply with the mask mandate, Simon sent a letter stating, “Given that the School Board of Alachua County does not have an unlawful face covering mandate policy, we do not have anything to report.”

The full text of Simon’s letter can be found here.

  • That’s like a student telling their teacher, “my dog ate my homework.”

  • Here’s something to think about…

    Why is it the left leaning parents want the district to dictate children wear masks but those same parents draw the line regarding the disciplinary actions for students who violate other school policies? 🤔🤔🤔


    Keep on believing…

  • C(ocky) Carlee’s so vain, she’s Corporate-Covid-Insane selling Muzzles of Pain with ViciousVaxxines to Tame, making many kids lame while never taking the blame, shame-Carlee-Simon-shame for playing Evil-DeathCult-Game

  • I have something to report: Arrest and replace all those who are in violation of Desantis’ order. See how EZ!
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom…hey, teachers!…
    Leave them kids alone!

    • P. Floyd. How would you feel if Biden had a national mask mandate? Would that not be an over-reach? So why is Desantis not over-reaching into Alachua county?

      • Because that’s not how the U.S. Constitution works and Biden knows it. Hence, no national mandate. Try again genius.

        • Doug – Has the Constitution always right? No. Hence the 27 amendments
          Why does HS start at 8:30 and go to 2:45? Because the school board has some ability to set rules.
          The argument is who has the power to set the which rules at what level and at what cost?

          • I still have constitutional rights and it was designed more to protect individual freedom.
            Boy, you must be masterbating at the thought
            Of taking people’s inalienable rights away you commie bastard. Your a sick and pathetic individual…you and the mob can go F yourselves..

      • Mark,
        Biden is a dangerous pathetic senile poop. He ain’t
        My president…

        • Aww P.Floyd! You lose! Judge Cooper agrees with what I was saying. Your individual freedoms don’t get to impact my freedoms. School boards can set rules that are limited in scope. Why are you so angry? Are you still in school?

        • P Floyd…Now, now…while I am definitely appreciative of your stance, no matter how inept and incompetent Biden may be, he was elected. Don’t lower yourself to THEIR way of thinking.

          Let THEM keep on believing…

      • Mark w/ political bias…you said it. Kind of like the county commissioners and their overreach into rural communities? Actually, EXACTLY like.

        That hypocrisy works both ways.

        Keep believing…

        • realtruth2020,

          Here is where we agree. I don’t think Gainesville should be able to tell Newberry or Archer what to do. The county commission should be much more limited in their powers.

  • Simon is a liar. I can tell you that at least three students have been sent home from High Springs community school for not wearing a face diaper. Why is Simon still in her position? She was voted in with an illegitimate board member. As far as we should be concerned, her position as the super is void.

    • Smasher if that is true, a letter needs to be sent to the commissioner. That’s the problem, no one will stand up and take responsibility. The parents of these students need to report it.

  • Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper on Friday agreed with a group of parents who claimed in a lawsuit that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on the mandates is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced (Friday 8/27)

    • The mask is unconstitutional too…good will win over
      Evil. You commies will lose…you’re such a miserable
      Jealous bunch!

  • Mr. Blonde. Read the ruling. Its not hard – simple exemptions are in the Florida Constitution that allow for mask mandates. Sorry your team lost!

      • Sorry Swampy – I am on Team Science and Team Literate. And yeah, I probably root for a lot of things you hate. But I also drive a 4×4, hunt, fish and drink beer. Deal with it!

        • And you probably spent many a year in the Industrial Arts class taught by Ms. Simon.

          Nothing wrong with that, everyone should know how to drill a hole and hammer a nail.

          It’s always nice to keep believing…

          • My school was too small for shop. I have worked construction. So my “Industrial Ed” is from the school of hard knocks.

          • Maybe that’s part of the problem. Too many people attended the same school and had a couple too many hard knocks to their cerebral cavities and its contents.

            Time to wake from your dreaming…

  • What dream? Vaccines are effect. Masks much less so. School boards are allowed to set limited rules based on advice from public health experts. These are facts.

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