Two men charged with first-degree attempted murder in drive-by shooting


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jacquez Xavier Hill, 18, and Terrex Montresso Thagard, Jr., 19, were arrested and charged with premeditated attempted murder in a drive-by shooting last night on NE 23rd Avenue.

At about 9:55 p.m., multiple calls were received about gunshots fired in the 1200 block of NE 23rd Avenue; a Gainesville Police Department (GPD) officer was in the area and also heard the gunshots. The officer found an unoccupied white Chevrolet sedan that was stopped with the engine running in the middle of the roadway. The officer saw multiple spent shell casings in plain sight on the front and rear driver’s side seats of the car, indicating that the shots were fired from inside the car.

A short time later, Hill and Thagard walked out from a dark area about a block away from the car; Hill walked up to an officer and reportedly said the sedan was his car and that it had broken down in the middle of the road. He said he heard gunshots at the same time the car broke down, so he got out of the car and ran. GPD determined that Hill is the registered owner of the car.

GPD K-9 Stern conducted an article search in the area where Hill and Thagard had emerged and found a .40-caliber handgun and a ski mask.

While officers were speaking with Hill and Thagard, they received information about a victim who had arrived at an emergency room with a gunshot wound in his upper leg. The victim reportedly said he was walking in the area of NE 12th Street and NE 23rd Avenue when the occupants of a white car started shooting at him. He said he was hit in the leg as he tried to run away. The victim sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Post Miranda, Hill reportedly said he was driving south on NE 12th Street, approaching NE 23rd Avenue, at the time of the shooting. He initially said he and Thagard were the only occupants of the car but later said there was a third person in the rear driver’s-side seat. Hill reportedly said he was in the area to pick up money from his cousin, and after leaving his cousin’s house, he heard gunshots and ducked. He turned west onto NE 23rd Avenue, and his car died. He said he believed he was being shot at, so he and Thagard got out of the car and hid until officers arrived.

A presumptive gunshot residue test on Hill reportedly produced positive results.

Post Miranda, Thagard reportedly said he was in the front passenger seat of Hill’s car and that Hill had driven to the area to buy marijuana; Thagard said there was an unknown passenger in the back seat. Thagard reportedly said he had his Airpods in and was listening to music when he heard gunshots, so he ducked down and did not see anyone shooting. He said the car died, and he and Hill ran because they thought they were getting shot at.

A presumptive gunshot residue test on Thagard reportedly produced positive results.

Officers at the scene reportedly found one .40 caliber shell casing, one 9mm shell casing, and one unknown caliber shell casing on the ground around the car. Officers also found two spent shell casings in the front seat of the car and one in the back seat of the car; the calibers of those shell casings were not provided. A search warrant has been requested for the car. No impact points or bullet holes were reportedly found on the exterior of the car.

The defendants have no criminal history; Judge Walter Green set bail at $500,000 for each of them.

This shooting appears to be related to the shooting that occurred the previous evening. GPD is asking that anyone with information on either of the two shootings contact Detective Stephen Dose at 352-393-7682 or Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7867.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Who would have thought? Great job GPD for quickly getting this scum off of the streets.

  • I really do have a heart for these “kids.” They almost assuredly grew up without a father or with one who was in and out of prison. Their role models were gangbangers and rappers who lied to them that drug dealing and the gangster life is glorious and a means to success. I really do feel bad for them. I’m sure I’ll get lots of downvotes for this but that’s the way I feel right now.

      • It is sad and it is true but frankly, that is the culture, or lack thereof, that these wee criminals come from and I don’t see it changing. This “culture” is the same the world over: violent, no impulse control, lazy and dependent. This group doesn’t make me sad enough to want to be a victim.

    • The truth is children are influenced by society. Some parents raise their kids right and they still get caught up in the wrong crowd. Some kids make bad decisions. It isn’t right to assume that anyone of those young men didn’t have active Father’s. You a placing a stereotype on people you don’t know.

      • You know how stereotypes are developed right? That’s how many decided that all conservatives were wanting to overthrow the government. Many others felt all cops were racists.

        You are correct though. Some children are influenced by society. That’s why parents bear the responsibility for being that influence rather than allowing the dregs of society to exert more influence than they do.

      • These animals ARE the wrong crowd. And it’s almost common knowledge that people like this rarely have 2 parents in the home.

        • Despite the truth of your statement, you have 3 down votes. Liberal Gainesville has never been good at facing facts.

          Here is one.
          “In the African American community, 72 percent of Black children are raised in a single parent household.” https://newsone.com/1195075/children-single-parents-u-s-american/

          Here’s a couple more from the FBI:
          This group commits 72% of all crime in the USA
          This group commits 52% of all murders in the USA
          This group has the largest segment of incarcerated people in the USA.
          Yet, this group is only 13% of the population. Apparently nobody, anywhere, is willing to even discuss this problem head on, much less try to resolve it.

        • I tried to reply to you with a link to the truth of your statement and some figures on this group’s criminal activity per the FBI. It was immediately censored.
          How will we ever resolve the problem if we can’t even discuss it?

    • Jacquez is a good kid he my son.Raise in the church AP classes through high school very smart. My son didn’t have no gun and he didn’t run Everyone don’t need to in people cars. He had bad friends. Very respectful young man. So Everyone can just continue to talk. God have the final word..People just don’t know the whole truth. I love my Son believe 💙 that. I don’t care what people say about him

  • Welcome to reality. You are no longer in the Alachua County School System that has no law and order. No consequences , no discipline, no penalties . You have graduated into the real world almost. Gainesville will probably let you off the hook just like our ACSB.

  • Wonder how forgiving their bro’s would be?
    Tie ’em, chain ’em & let the neighborhood administer the justice they see fit. Isn’t that what the “crowd that was building in Alachua” recently wanted to do to the woman who hit the boy on the bicycle?
    They deserve at least what they gave out.

  • Ghettoville……
    .. Need to check yalls kids… You know who I’m talking to…. Yall out of control.

  • Whether they have two parents or not, the crimes these children are committing are heinous and appalling. Something needs to be done preventively because the extent to which they are going is insane. It is not just in this county, but this black on black crime is ridiculous! The community is suffering and getting caught in the crossfires while they do whatever they want whenever they want. Punishments need to be heavier, and these idiots need to be made an example of- seems bail is going in the right direction, but the community and its leaders need to band together to figure out what the heck should be done to at least get this crap at a lower rate. 4 shootings in 3 days! The police are doing great work but more efforts all around need to be changed.

  • Terrex will make a pretty wife with that proud hair when he gets sentenced to prison.

  • Where is the blm and the black community on these issue. No accountability. 🤐

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