UF Health ends COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UF Health announced on June 2 that since the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) eliminated the healthcare worker vaccine mandate for COVID-19 on May 31, UF Health has also eliminated its mandate for faculty, staff, students, volunteers, vendors, and other individuals working in their facilities to be vaccinated. Also, individuals who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 do not need to wear masks as of June 2.

The email explained that UF Health was required to comply with the CMS mandate “as UF Health serves a large number of patients covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid insurance.” UF Health announced on October 27, 2021, that all employees were required to be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021.

UF Health required everyone in its facilities to wear masks until October 11, 2022, when a policy was issued stating that masks were no longer required–except that all unvaccinated employees must wear N-95 masks “when in all areas of UF Health hospitals and hospital outpatient facilities.”

UF Health employees who provided proof of COVID-19 vaccination were given a “health care hero” sticker to wear on their ID badge. Any employee who did not have this sticker was required to wear an N-95 mask. The requirement also applied to students “engaged in learning experiences and/or clinical rotations”; any staff working in the hospitals or outpatient facilities, regardless of their employer arrangement; volunteers; and vendors.

The Florida legislature passed a bill in November 2021, just before UF Health’s deadline for employees to be fully vaccinated, that prevented employers from firing employees who were not vaccinated; the legislation requires employers to accept exemption forms provided by the Florida Department of Health. However, the bill did not ban discrimination against unvaccinated employees. SB252, which took effect on June 1, 2023, now prohibits discrimination against unvaccinated individuals.

  • I was under the impression these mandates were now illegsal in Florida anyway?

  • When will idiot experts admit that rushing out half-baked jabs at the beginning of a pandemic was the biggest mistake in healthcare history? Always WAIT until a bug stops mutating naturally, before the jabs. That’s how smallpox and polio were beat.

    • Jeff, you keep repeating the same falsehood. This chart shows you the effectiveness of the vaccines in the heart of the pandemic, when the virus was not fully mutated, and it’s continued effectiveness now in keeping people alive.


      I personally know a half dozen people who had covid in the last 2 months, so while officially not a still a pandemic, it is not over and even if you are mostly protected from croaking by age or vaccinations, it is no fun catching it.

      • The chart is misleading. I remember those days. If one died less than 2 weeks after the first shot it was counted as unvaccinated.

        • Yeah, right Jane. All lies. I have 2 clients – 1 an ER doc, the other an ICU doc – who worked those rooms in the height of the pandemic and almost all of those they attended, and often to their death, were not vaccinated. You can kid yourself but spreading that nonsense literally cost lives unnecessarily lost.

  • F the WEF, WHO, & Satan. Good will win over evil. No Vax passports. God bless America!

  • Viruses have never been proven to exist. The myth began in the US when Rockefeller found enormous profit in creating fear. Join over 10,000 who endorse SOVI – “Statement On Virus Isolation” https://tinyurl.com/2csrz6wh

    • This represents what is wrong with the WWW. Everybody with access has a voice, no matter how ill-informed.

  • Do you all normally put up with “Guests” sexual fantasies expressed while he is texting? Are there any rules here about that?

    • That’s “guest’s.” “He”? That’s presumptuous. Don’t like it? You have a choice, don’t read it…or ignore it. Kinda like changing the channel if you don’t like the programming; or do you want government to do that for you?

      It’s apparent you spend much of your time dreaming about DeSantis, Perry and Clemons – there should be rules about that.

  • It was all a big joke that whole mask deal. It was a ploy to see just how ‘obedient’ you would be and how many freedoms you would actually surrender to the government. To those of you who rebelled and did not hardly ever wear your face panties correctly and even protested, kudos to you. To those of you who ‘obeyed’and blindly wore your face panties and degraded yourself and your children, you have fallen so far from the American ideal that you should be terribly ashamed of yourself. Never, and I mean NEVER, again will we allow something like this to happen.

    • Johnny, I have 2 clients – 1 an ER doc, the other an ICU doc – who worked those rooms in the height of the pandemic and almost all of those they attended, and often to their death, were not vaccinated.

      You may or may not be a real American, but those dying in ERs and the ICU were and that didn’t save their ass. Those wearing a mask then or now deserve your thanks because they are more protecting you than themselves and any false sense of being a he-man you get from not wearing one in appropriate locations – close contact with strangers – is as close as you’ll get to actually being one. You’re too big a snowflake to use your head.

  • The pathogen is nothing and the terrain is everything. Keep your body and mind healthy and you’ll never need pharmakeia. I know many, including my entire family, who successfully live this way.

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