Woman on probation and pre-trial release arrested for resisting officer after allegedly threatening man with hammer

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Itionna Lajancia Nyjah Thompkins, 22, was arrested yesterday and charged with resisting an officer after allegedly entering an apartment and threatening the resident with a hammer.

An Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call about an armed disturbance at Cedar Ridge at about 6:40 p.m. yesterday; the caller reportedly said a woman was inside his apartment with a hammer.

When the deputy arrived, he reportedly found Thompkins, who matched the description provided by the caller, fighting with a man and trying to enter a different apartment. The deputy told Thompkins to turn around, but she allegedly refused to turn around and also refused to put her hands behind her back. The deputy reportedly took her to the ground, where she allegedly tried to roll over while flailing her arms. She also allegedly tried to strike the deputy with her elbow. Once inside a patrol vehicle, she allegedly kicked the doors. She also allegedly resisted jail staff after arriving at the jail.

The deputy’s investigation found that Thompkins had entered the first apartment with a hammer, but when the resident of that apartment threatened her with a hammer, she left. The man did not want to press charges.

A hammer was reportedly found near where Thompkins was detained.

Thompkins has a juvenile criminal history, four felony convictions (three violent), and two misdemeanor convictions (none violent). Four felony charges (three violent) were dropped between 2020 and 2022, then she was arrested in February 2023 for breaking into and damaging a mobile home. Adjudication of guilt was withheld in that case, and she received a sentence of 18 months probation. After failing to report to her probation officer, she was re-arrested in June and served 42 days in jail before having her probation reinstated on July 10. She is also on pre-trial release for allegedly stealing about $300 in merchandise from Walmart on February 8.

Judge Walter Green set bail at $5,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Cedar Ridge, the ungated subdivision of SWAG crime breeder ranch again? Cops should go on strike and release the home addresses of the judges and Dem lawyers on the public tit.

    • We are a three stokes state and due to her felonies and the nature of her arrest she should be locked up for good. However the 8th district judges are weak as seen by low bails, charges dropped and not following the three strikes laws in the state of Florida. We also have a weak on crime state attorney who is a liberal as all get out!

  • Once again the State Attorney and local judges have failed the public. Stop dropping charges. Judge Walter acting the fool again with low bail.

  • Career violent criminal, charges routinely dropped, $5,000 bail. Makes sense.

  • Are they sure she didn’t use her head as the hammer? Looks like she’s been hammering something with it.

    She probably needs a rubber room somewhere. Wonder if Ward has a “ward” he’s willing to offer her.

  • She’s obviously on drugs. She needs a long prison sentence to clean up.

    Molly, crack, and other narcotics are easily accessible in some neighborhoods.

    Having said that, hopefully she gets the help and life awakening she needs.

  • Mayor Harvey Ward, here is your poster child for a career violent criminal. Are we supposed to wait until she commits a crime with a gun or otherwise kills or injures someone? As a minor, she was guilty of THREE VIOLENT FELONIES, plus more crime. Then THREE MORE VIOLENT FELONIES were dropped as she supposedly became an adult. She has been a nonstop criminal for years and is only 22. Is this a fault of her community, the gutless politicians who don’t try to protect us, the weak kneed prosecutors, or the clueless judges like Judge Green?

    • We must hold the system and the criminal responsible for the end result. State Attorney, when is enough going to be reached?
      How you justify your existence in that capacity is amazing.

  • Ahh yes….Cedar Ridge….another fine cultural enclave filled with section 8 parasites. Affordable housing somehow has some hidden costs?

  • This is the story you never hear from the liberal media. Across the state and nation, criminals resist police by fighting, kicking, spitting, running, concealing themselves, etc. every single day. And every single day, the police deal with these morons and keep the community safe from them. But then the day comes along when one of them reaches for something and the police shoot. Suddenly, all police are bad for hurting these poor criminals and we should defund them. No, you should be thanking them for keeping these people away from you.

    And spare me your story of how a cop wasn’t nice to you. In any profession, you have a few bad apples, and we should always evaluate policing to get rid of these. But most cops I’ve ever come across (thousands) are good, honest people who believe in what they do and do their jobs well. So, let’s try to remember what they put up with every day and be thankful they’re willing to do that for us.

      • Is there something to which you object in my comments? If so, spit it out. Let’s talk about it Gilberto.

        • You’re writing is rambling nonsense. Instead of being so verbose; it’s better to succinctly express your points.

      • I don’t know Gilberto, other people seemed to get it. Are the words “nonsense” or do you just lack the mental capacity to understand them? Are two paragraphs “verbose” or is your attention span just that tiny?

        Oh, and I won’t shut up. And know this Gilberto- there is NOTHING you will do to make me shut up. If you don’t like what I write, move on. In fact, you’re banned from reading anything I post from now on. Don’t even look at it.

        One last thing. I don’t think verbosity was the problem at all. I think your inane comment was motivated by a visceral reaction to what you read. It’s almost like you’ve had a personal experience with the subject matter. Is that it Gilberto? Did I evoke a bad memory?

  • I look at these articles and mugshots just to guffaw over the absurd names like this one: Itionna Lajancia Nyjah ROFLMAO!

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