Woman previously charged with kicking female officer in the stomach arrested for disrupting class at Santa Fe College and battery on officer

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Santoria Nichelle Smith, 18, was arrested yesterday and charged with disrupting a school function and battery on a law enforcement officer; she was previously arrested in August for battery on a law enforcement officer, but the charges were dropped.

At about 2:00 p.m. yesterday, Santa Fe Police Department officers responded to a reported disturbance in a classroom at Santa Fe College Blount Hall (530 W. University Avenue). The officer reported that when he arrived, he found Smith in a verbal dispute with an office supervisor. When the officer told Smith she was disrupting the operation of the classroom, she allegedly said, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

The officer reported that he approached Smith to escort her out of the classroom, at which point she allegedly pushed him in the chest and said, “You don’t put your hands on me.” Bystanders reportedly intervened in an attempt to get Smith to leave the classroom, and she left.

Outside the classroom, Smith allegedly moved aggressively toward a female student, and the officer reportedly stepped between the two women and told Smith she would be arrested for disruption of a school function if she did not calm down.

The officer reported that Smith took off her jacket, threw it on the floor, and “squared up” on him, raising her closed fists. The officer reportedly drew his taser and told Smith to get on the ground; she allegedly moved toward him aggressively, and he deployed his taser. After she was checked by EMS, he transported her to the jail.

Smith has no criminal history. She was previously arrested in August and charged with resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer after allegedly kicking a female police officer in the stomach and saying, ““Oh, and I hope you had a baby in there and I hope it f***in died.” Bail was originally set at $6,000, but she was released on her own recognizance 10 days later, and the charges were dropped on September 13.

Judge Kristine Van Vorst set bail at $10,000 on the current charges but indicated that Smith may be released to the supervision of Mental Health Court if she is accepted into the program.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • She is possibly at Santa Fe studying to be a police officer. Dropping the charges keeps her record clean and employment eligible. She is willing to “square up” against a bigger opponent with a taser and a gun. Man, that is the street fighting toughness they need for patrol cops. Give her a gun and let her make traffic stops. What could possibly go wrong?

      • @ Recruit?: Don’t give Tony any ideas! He may be ‘retired’ but don’t think he doesn’t still have clout with the right people.
        While the CC’s puppet, he effectively still hired Bivins & is probably still protecting him to this day. And Bivens ain’t the only bad apple Tony’s thrown a uniform on!

  • Another day in the former great City of Gainesville.

    Sad to see a persons life and associated chance of success off the rails at such a young age.

    • Thats the same way she was im school. She wasn’t given the help the teachers requested and so I’m not surprised at all to see this.

  • Daniel Ley is the state atty who dropped the charges when this girl kicked the female cop in the stomach. He’s not new to dropping solid charges either. Fits right in to Kramer’s little kingdom of leniency.

  • She needs prayer, I know this young lady she calls me Grandma. She’s never disrespected me. She needs help.
    Pray for her, she’s to young 🙏

    • @ Talesia- she needs help alright. Might want to let her know that if she stays this path, it takes her straight to prison. And Lowell is NOT a place she wants to be! If she gets cute with the guards the same way she does with cops then she’ll be eating knuckle sandwiches for 3 meals a day.
      Let her know. Hopefully she gets the help and discipline she needs instead.

      • Your right ,I’m praying she get it together, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors

        • How about along with prayer have a long talk with her. See what’s really going on with her. You never know you might be the one to turn her life around

  • I am addressing the elected City of Gainesville legislative body referred to as the city council/commission, mayor, city manager & city attorney. Recently I have posted videos to my YOU TUBE channel Blue Steel @bluesteel7199 the video highlights Gainesville Police Department Internal Affairs/Professional Standards Director T. Durst. The video Iam referring to is titled “HELP MAKE ME A CITY ATTORNEY APPOINTMENT 352 334 5001 LEAVE APPOINTMENT IN COMMENTS, THANK Y’ALL”. This is the video I want to concern your attention to. There is a first published video titled “ #badcop I.A. F’D AROUND & CORRUPTION FOUND”.

    The pretense of I.A. director T. Durst is the object of dispelling in this action. The complainant is Mr. Andre Abrams, a Gainesville resident, the Abrams’ name in his regard is involved with the city in several aspects; pending litigation a car accident involving GPD the root & an active criminal case involving GPD, both are still at this time not resolved to fruition. During this period of unresolved matters, a domestic violence classified call was placed to the Abrams’ residence, responded to by GPD. During this call an incident occurred that is the nature of the complaint & brings us to this point of intersection with director Durst. I am Sterling Grindle AKA Blue Steel a resident of Gainesville and a police & government accountability activist who posts to YOU TUBE primarily. I enter at this point in angst.

    We come into GPD lobby as in response to director Durst not processing a complaint to GPD SOP. His actions prior to this seem to assimilate another motive as to elude from the contingency that these aforementioned subjects impinge upon. It is our combined intention to direct our focus on that:

    1.Complaint expedited (it has been my experience it takes many months as I can prove several times over) 2. A very well-developed standalone complaint that need not be expanded upon does not need “clarifying” as director Durst infers (ask to see for YOURSELVES also see video titled “GPD LYING ASS Lt. Durst”). 3. No complaint number assigned (means no complaint exists) 4. Director Durst has stated he has not done his due diligence or follows any SOP in the matter of this complaint’s latency. 4. Director Durst’s true intent is divulged in dialogue as to he wants to interview Abrams… 5. Our actions are an attempt to belay director Durst these videos are such an accounting of the facts surrounding director Durst’s actions of intimidation, coercion, ant-bias, malfeasance, duplicity, deception (deception is fraud, fraud @ Govt. Level is corruption) and corruption under the color of law in his official capacity is the accusations made.

    We called Durst via cell phone, in a counter-ambush configuration against director Durst and developed the situation as the burden of proof lies on us, the accusers. It is clearly evident as these events that have been captured. The choice is YOURS as to how YOUR actions will be portrayed. This is my complaint. I believe GPD I.A. should cease taking complaints as they have a litany of disillusion of the accredited functions performed. Director Durst by his actions shows the wonton willfulness of GPD, as he receives his orders from?… I am patiently standing by and would like to speak to someone 1:1 as the city attorney, manager or mayor. My cell is and YOU have my email.

    • I don’t usually pick on bad grammar, but in your case, you are trying to use too many big, political words without understanding them or tying them into your rant. We understand you have a disagreement with GPD, but if you have an attitude like these words suggest, you will not accomplish your goal, whatever it is.

    • Dear Mr Sterling,
      You hurt your cause when you attempt to pontificate in such a manner. (You may need to look that one up.)

      Words, when used properly, have great power. When used improperly, they confuse the reader and people will ignore what you’re saying because of misused words. It also makes you seem ignorant. Just because you know the word – or think that you do – doesn’t mean that you should use it. Simpler words are more effective because the reader is not confused and can absorb your intentions better.
      Your points may be valid, your situation may be in desperate need of help, but all of that is lost when no one can get through what you’re attempting to say.
      Just my $0.02.

    • I watched some of your videos. While they may have great comedic value (the videos at the jail and sheriff’s office especially), I do not think Durst calling the person who made the complaint represents intimidation. That’s his job – to investigate complaints. In general, I think it’s fine that you ride around and record the police in Midtown and downtown as they interact with people. Maybe your recordings can even help solve a crime someday.

  • WTF is SFC allowing criminals with past records on their campus? That’s what prisons are for. Now stop trying to equalize and welcome the misfits — until they choose to wise up.

  • Sad, probably getting her GED. Sorry prayer won’t help strict discipline has been missing in her life. Needs some type of reform school.

  • This young looser needs more than just prayers.
    She needs to be taught actions have consequences. Dropped charges don’t thelp. What a waste.

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