Alliance for Responsible Government publishes “Carlee Simon Dossier”


The Alliance for Responsible Government, a grassroots organization of motivated parents and citizens with the purpose of holding local government accountable, recently released a 10-part dossier detailing Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon’s controversial first year. Simon has faced heavy criticism from both parents and administrators since being hired as the Interim Superintendent last December, most notably because of her defiance of the Florida Department of Health’s requirement that school districts must accept parental opt-out if they impose a mask mandate. Simon manages approximately 4,000 employees and an annual budget of over $477 million.

The dossier begins by outlining numerous reasons why Simon is unqualified for the superintendent position. The district’s minimum qualifications require “at least three years in a senior level leadership position, principal experience (strongly preferred), and leadership experience in a district of 15,000 or more (preferred).” Simon lacks all three of these. Simon was originally appointed on an interim basis until a list of qualified candidates could be gathered, which the board intended to vet and eventually consider. The previous superintendent, Karen Clarke, resigned in November 2020 with the intention of staying through June of 2021 to give the board time to conduct a search, but she was fired on November 30, and shortly thereafter Simon was chosen as interim, with little to no vetting or public input. According to the dossier, Clarke’s removal was triggered by a petition that garnered only 700 signatures; a similar “vote of no confidence” petition aimed at Simon currently has 1,590 signatures.

When Simon was hired, Board Member Gunnar Paulson pointed out that it made no sense to pay Simon’s salary while simultaneously paying Clarke’s severance package. The motion passed 3-2 anyway, with Paulson and Rob Hyatt in dissent.

Diyonne McGraw was later found to be illegally elected to her District 2 seat after it was discovered that her residence is in District 4. Governor Ron DeSantis removed McGraw from the board and appointed Mildred Russell as replacement but had no authority to retroactively reverse McGraw’s prior votes.

After her contract was finalized, Simon wasted no time implementing her “reimagining and reorganizing” agenda. Part 2 of the dossier describes how on May 24, nine long-time district staff members learned about the non-renewal of their contracts via hand-delivered letters. Popular Glen Springs Elementary Principal Deanna Feagin was one of these staff members. Upon her termination, she sent out an email, which stated, in part, “After spending three years with this wonderful school community and 28 years serving our students in this district… the superintendent shared in this letter that I would not be reappointed as an employee of the school board of Alachua County.” Feagin and some of the other terminated staff members were close to eligibility for retirement.

Part 3 discusses Gainesville High School science teacher Joe Waddell, who admitted his intention to discriminate against mask-exempt students on a social media post in early August, 2021. The post read: “Saw the exemption form today. It requires the doctor’s signature, phone number, etc… I just hope they get verified. Maskless students will sit in the back of the class as far away from me and the masked students as possible. Extra credit for wearing a mask too… EDIT TO ADD: I also need to see a list from admin of opted-out students… otherwise they will wear a mask in my class. IDGAF”

Waddell’s comments violate all three principles of ACPS’ Standards of Ethical Conduct, as well as several of the “disciplinary principles” required of instructional staff, which, according to policy 3210, should result in termination.

State Senator Keith Perry sent out a statement in response to Waddell’s post, saying that he found it “appalling that any educator would advocate for harassing their students.” He also called for disciplinary action, but it isn’t clear whether Simon followed through with the recommendation, as Waddell still maintains his job with GHS.

Part 4 is critical of the amount of time Simon has spent in national media appearances and her decision-making. One of Simon’s most controversial moves was personally contacting local physicians to investigate their reasoning behind signing student mask opt-out forms. These violations of medical privacy could be interpreted as a subversion of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Simon went so far as to name a local pediatrician in statements made to The Gainesville Sun, saying, “We are concerned, even for some of the explanations for the justification of why it should be an exemption, and so we are collecting this documentation and we will be submitting it to the medical board.” Local attorney Jeff Childers served Simon with a cease-and-desist letter on behalf of the pediatrician, and Simon responded by claiming she was working on behalf of the school district – thereby potentially implicating the district in civil liability. 

Part 6 highlights additional instances in which Simon ignored rules she found inconvenient, including board policies regarding administrative staff hires. When her potential hires weren’t approved by the school board, she found a way to redefine positions by changing the names – such as renaming Supervisor II Budget (which wasn’t approved) to Director of Budget. These questionable tactics allowed Simon to circumvent the board’s decisions. She’s also been accused of offering salaries to administrative personnel that are not consistent with board-approved salary schedules and procedures.

Part 9 covers the controversy over section 10.3 of Simon’s superintendent contract. The contract requires her to “maintain and keep current a valid certification in administration and supervision or equivalent as issued by the Florida Dept. of Education.” The school board’s attorney, David Delaney, acknowledged the fact that Simon does not have the required certifications; however, in an opinion letter addressed to the school board, he claimed that Simon has not breached the terms of her contract. He argued that one could interpret the meaning of the words “maintain” and “keep current” to conclude that the certification requirement had somehow been waived.

The dossier concludes by illustrating several examples of Simon’s “shocking hypocrisy,” displaying photographs of an unmasked Simon speaking indoors with other unmasked individuals. The author argues that this “do as I say, not as I do” mentality undermines her leadership and shows how “divisive, hypocritical, entrenched and uncompromising” her behavior and attitudes are.

Read the 10-part dossier in its entirety here.

  • Hunting Nests

    Nests are localized fronts that portray themselves as saviors of children. It is a group of people working
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    These are well designed with a system in place, and are more than likely using the children for
    more than pedophilia, such as running various tests, mind control, possibly DNA altering, and other nefarious things.


    • They always have people on the inside, such as through the local courts, social workers, law enforcement, and child protective services. They generally have connections with churches as well, and oftentimes are directly linked to domestic abuse shelters and homeless shelters. There is almost always a connection with a dentist. One can only speculate as to why, but potential possibilities may be access to anesthesia to put someone under, perform dental work and establish medical records with a new identity and add them into the medical database, extracting DNA, or inserting a small tracking device. The medical database can be used for a multitude of reasons, organ harvesting being just one of them.

      There are many people that make up the nest. Generally there is someone or multiple people fostering children. Sometimes there will be local charities of some kind that assist with children, but not always because that can draw too much attention for these types of nests. Instead, there may be homeless shelters and/or domestic violence shelters, making the prey easily available to the hunters. A psychologist or some form of therapist is always necessary in this case. And make no mistake, there are almost always family members involved, whether it be husband and wife, parents and children, or siblings.

      A doctor, attorney, local politicians, and teachers also play their roles in these nests. They have to have someone who is very computer savvy to monitor, surveil, and cover all fronts of false narratives, while having access to plenty of databases. If it’s a big nest, you can count on some high ranking individuals with surveillance backgrounds.

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  • So who is “The Alliance for Responsible Government”? Who knows? This so called news article hit piece is by folks too chickensh!t to put their names on it. A dossier is the name usually reserved for smear pieces with a serious slant. Steele Dossier anyone?
    Their web site has no names, no contact information, no address, no email address. Their “donate” money begging page is run by “Give Send Go #1 Free Christian Crowdfunding Site” and it does say “The funds from this campaign will be received by Eduardo Mordujovich”
    So we gots to use public records at the DOS.
    Alliance for Responsible Government, Inc. is a Florida non profit
    N21000010241 chartered 8/27/21 by
    Title P
    Title S
    Title T
    Their address is listed as 2135 NW 40TH TER STE B GAINESVILLE, FL 32605
    So these are the folks who HATE them some Simon big time but are too grassroots chickensh!t to list their names. Two of the directors are Gainesville attorneys. Surprise?
    Chronicle, do your journalistic duty and inform the public when you print smear pieces like this. Even the libtards deserve to know. Thank you.

    • That didn’t take long. Just reinforces my previous comment.

      You’ll always be a believer.

    • Lol. How pathetic. You can’t refute anything so you’re taking the chicken 💩 route and trying for character assassination. Well, you do you 🤣

    • It’s some individuals. Probably not some soft collectivist drones like you are used to.

  • Alachua Chronicle: Simon manages approximately 4,000 employees and an annual budget of over $477 million

    Angry Jew Simon always rhyming with Lying Biden…”Let’s Go Brandon!”💉☠

  • Alachua Chronicle: Simon manages approximately 4,000 employees and an annual budget of over $477 million (for a county of 270,000 citizens)

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    It’s important to note that many of these places, such as shelters and NGOs, have Board Members, and you will find that their Board Members and Directors often operate as Board Members of each other’s organizations. That’s when you know you are on the right path. Once you make this connection, look into their 990s (if available), and seek out the CEO, trustee, other board members that may have not been listed on their website, and of course study the money flowing in and out. If you have a Pacer account, you can dig into their past court records and see what pops.


  • Did McGraw file a federal lawsuit recently claiming
    She was qualified and illegally removed and now looking
    For damages?

  • 🎬coreysdigs: They create an “initiative” that will act as the front. Some good may come of this initiative because they have to maintain the front. However, oftentimes the “initiative” is merely an illusion🎬

    • These webs are big, so there are always governments, NGOs, billionaires, and organizations running portions of the operations. The MSM and celebrities are always involved in pushing their “initiatives” as saviors of the world. Other organizations, individuals and staff oftentimes involved in the overall scheme, may include universities, ports, banks, shipping companies, chemical and equipment companies, construction companies, aircraft, and retail product companies.

      • coreysdigs: Once you feel you have a solid understanding of the players within a specific web, and you come across a potential scheme you believe them to be involved with, start hunting the hunters. They make a lot of mistakes, they don’t cover their tracks as well as they believe they do, and they are loose with their money

  • ​coreysdigs (2018): There are many kinds of hunters, but they all operate from similar playbooks, and once you recognize the “elites” corrupt strategy, symbolism, ​and what they are ultimately after, the game can be turned…and you become the hunter

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    • Swampy- Super interesting article by Corey’s Digs. But what a bunch of paranoid crap! I love how here writes a whole bunch but gives no actual examples or provide any real evidence of this working to uncover anything. How many NESTS has he uncovered and how many arrests been made because of his theories. Apparently I should fear every strip mall dentist that goes to church and gives to charity – come on man. Not every rich person is a Jeffery Epstein or Matt Gaetz. And Swampy – you suck at poetry.

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          • Sorry Swampy. I don’t obey demons. Don’t fear them, because they don’t exist.

  • Dr Simon, like her predecessor Dr Clark, serves @ the description of the school board. So what the “dossier” says matters not one iota! What the school board votes is what matters to Dr Simon’s tenure @ the head of ACPS.
    Don’t like Dr Simon or the current school board? There’ll be an election just about a year from now! Democracy @ work! Vote for your choice!

    • While the superintendent does serve at the direction of the school board, there are plenty of things that the current superintendent has done that appear to have circumvented the board’s direction. She didn’t get what she wanted so she “back doored” instead. Morale is at an all-time low. People are working in fear of retaliation on a daily basis. At the end of the day, yes, she has a doctorate, but she has absolutely zero experience in running a school, much less an entire school district, and it shows.

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