City Clerk rescinds her resignation

Omichele Gainey


Gainesville City Clerk Omichele Gainey, who resigned on September 8, has now rescinded that resignation.

In a letter to the City Commission on September 15, Gainey wrote that “After much reflection and introspection, my focus is to reaffirm my commitment to the community… The outpouring of support I have received is heartening and humbling and it is my hope that my decision to continue to serve as your City Clerk will bring much-needed stability and leadership to the organization.”

Gainey was one of four charter officers (out of a total of six) to recently resign. City Attorney Nicolle Shalley also submitted her resignation on September 8, City Manager Lee Feldman submitted his resignation on September 13, and the Director of Equity and Inclusion Teneeshia Marshall resigned in early May. The city commission discussed whether to retain GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski on September 13, and Bielarski held onto the job after several hours’ worth of public comment in his support. City Commissioner Gail Johnson also resigned on August 23.

    • All courtesy of the 3 Woke White Musketeers (Poe, Ward, Hayes) that the 2 previous City Managers reported exclusively to as brown-nosed suck-ups. She must be jumping on board too.

  • “After much reflection and introspection, my focus is to reaffirm my commitment to the community”

    Translated into English:

    .”After quitting, I sent out my resume and found out no other place would pay a whiner like me one third as much as the City of Gainesville so I stay to preserve my overpaid lifestyle. Go Bless the Gainesville City Commission. I promise to be their loyal lackey forever.”

  • Does Feldman’s “resignation” agreement prohibit investigating alleged slippery deal making with city contractors? Or was that trumped up since his *personality* issues with staff were not a serious matter? If high ranking women cannot take difficult bosses, they may be in too high for their gender — is that what they’re saying? I’d hate to be in the military these days.

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