Gainesville City Manager resigns

Lee Feldman speaks to the City Commission in March 2020


Gainesville City Manager Lee Feldman submitted his resignation today, making him the third City of Gainesville charter officer to resign in the past week and the fourth since May. Mayor Lauren Poe has added an agenda item to tonight’s Gainesville City Commission meeting to consider terminating the contract of a fifth, GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski.

Feldman was hired on November 4, 2019, on a 6-1 vote with only Commissioner David Arreola in dissent (Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker has replaced Commissioner Gigi Simmons since that vote). In his resignation letter, Feldman said he “[continues] to serve in that capacity with enthusiasm and pride… While I believe that I maintain the solid support of a majority of the City Commission, the issue of my retention as your City Manager continues to be a topic of discussion.” In fact, on Friday, September 10, Duncan-Walker added an agenda item to the City Commission’s September 16 meeting to consider terminating Feldman’s contract.

Feldman went on to say that discussions about his retention have “a detrimental effect on our organization” and that he is putting the community before himself by resigning. The resignation is effective at 5:00 p.m. on November 12.

City Clerk Omichele Gainey and City Attorney Nicolle Shalley submitted their resignations on September 8, and a fourth charter officer, the Director of Equity and Inclusion Teneeshia Marshall, resigned in early May. Of the six charter officers who were employed by the City in May, only City Auditor Ginger Bigbee, who was hired in December 2019, will be left once all the resignations are effective. The City will now have to embark on four expensive searches for new charter officers, on top of paying for an election to replace Commissioner Gail Johnson, who resigned on August 23.

    • Poe twice voted for the Biomass deal and hasn’t done anything for employment opportunities on the east side. Now our crime is as high as our utility rates.

      • Poe has been most instrumental in hurting our most vulnerable citizens because of his ignorance and arrogance for primarily supporting the Biomass plant and secondarily his policy decisions.

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  • DeSantis should cut to the chase and dissolve the city now. Just merge with the unincorporated county so we get more Republican voters, and commissioners. The current city govt is going bankrupt anyway. Just do it, Ron.

      • Not enough to wipe out the infection plaguing the county.

        If you asked how many liberal hypocritical knuckleheads make up the commission…TOO many.

        TOO many believers…

      • Zero. We haven’t had a Republican commissioner in Gainesville or Alachua County for 5 years…
        We now have ONE Republican representing us in the school board…
        Let’s build from there!!

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  • Has anyone done the math to calculate how much the city will be paying people not to work this year (i.e. severance money)? So glad I only work in the city and do not live here.

  • So now they will have to pay 100K to get their way to make him go away. Then they can hire their woke manager and make the city broke. Piss poor decisions by the commissioners all motivated by race and gender wokeism.

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