GPD identifies victims in double homicide

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Gainesville Police Department announced today that the families of the victims in a February 2 double homicide have shared photos of the victims, Brittany Avery-Hoisington and Trayvon Henry Sheppard.

No updates on the case are available, but GPD is looking for the person of interest in this video.

  • Funny how they try to make him look some type of way…. He was a thug… Gang banger
    Check out his Facebook page. Consistently throwing gang signs and sets.

  • I’m confused…there’s 2 guys in the photo holding babies. Is he one of a twin?

  • Blaming guns for violent crime is like blaming matches for arson…

    Funny, I never hear Gainesville politicians seeking to ban knives each time there is a stabbing…

    • Will whoever this is posting as me please pick a different name???????? Thank you!!!! We could use a Boris or Natasha.

      – ‘The REAL Mr. Peabody’

    • If they start blaming knives pretty soon people would be eating with their hands… You would also take one of the Liberal platforms away.

  • Prior articles mention a person that called 911 about this and was injured in this crime. Who is that individual?!

    • Not sure, it’s funny how they don’t like police and want to defund them until they need them. If the guy in the video they’re circulating thats in the area at the time and is the person that’s responsible there was a good chance they could have tracked him had they not taken away the use of k9’s.

    • If he’s a witness, I doubt they will release his name, for his own safety. The 1988 Steak N Shake killer was another Sheppard. He shot and killed all his victims in the head, ironically.

  • Unfortunately again it may be a case of living by the sword and dying by the sword. No one asks to be a victim of a homicide but sometimes lifestyles influence your life expectancies.

  • Hollywood pop culture like the Kardashians and rap music has had a very negative effect on America.

  • Rest Easy Tre you will be forever missed. We will continue to play your music nep

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